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About me

Hello, hi, hey, howdy … thanks for visiting my website. As you may have guessed, I’m a photographer, based in Wandsworth, South West London and while I like taking pictures of pretty much anything, I generally specialise in portraiture – both kids and adults, and also dogs (but not cats, believe me I’ve tried). I also do the odd bit of fashion for small business owners. In the dim and distant past I was a radio producer before life and the man I now call my husband got in the way, whisked me off to New York, bought me an enlarger and enrolled me onto a course at the International Center of Photography. More recently I spent a year doing my professional training at the London College of Communication, alma mater of many of the country’s top photographers.

I work both in my home studio and out on location, and often do both within one shoot as I live on the edge of Wandsworth Common. I’m also happy to travel to clients’ homes, which works particularly well for younger children. I’m gripped by two things – getting the lighting right, and getting the expression right. Most people over the age of three and a half turn into a gurning idiot in front of a lens, and it’s my job to turn them back into the person they really are. I don’t care if people don’t smile – in fact I often prefer it (as long as it doesn’t make them look grumpy.)  However, I do try and make the experience as much fun as it’s possible to be when someone is staring at you from behind a camera, and if you’re under ten you may be treated to the World’s Funniest Joke so I can get those Granny-friendly shots. Above all, I’m a strong believer that most people are beautiful in some way. Julia Margaret Cameron talked about her work as “arresting beauty” and that’s my aim too – I want my clients to look as good as they can, while still looking like themselves.

I have two children of my own: my daughter models for me regularly and enthusiastically; my son normally allows me five shots and then demands payment. We also have a non-modelling cat, even though I’m actually a dog person.

If you have any questions, please feel free to get in touch.